Our Vision

We recognize developmental differences and that each student is an individual.  "Students grow and learn at different rates towards different destinations," but regardless of the destination, it is our goal for all CDS students to have the

knowledge, skills, and character they need to achieve success.  

Content is important, and we still teach many of the subjects which other schools have abandoned, such as cursive handwriting, grammar, music, and art.  However, content alone should not drive instruction. Capital Day School recognizes skills and values integral to learning in today's world:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Communication (oral and written)

  • Character (work ethic, self-discipline, resilience, courage, responsibility, empathy, and respect)


    Such instruction will require backward design (starting with desired outcomes) and innovative strategies for assessment.


    Capital Day School is also seeking to promote greater community and global awareness:

  • More community service participation

  • Blogging/Skype to interact with a global audience (including, but not limited to, participation in NAIS’s Challenge 20/20)

    It is our desire for students to gain greater understanding of different cultures, appreciation for diversity, and civic responsibility.


It is the goal of Capital Day School to establish a productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork and interdisciplinary learning opportunities.  Our vision recognizes individual and developmental differences among students and provides a framework of relevance for engaging all disciplines and all types of learners.

Our History

The school began with grades kindergarten through fourth, and an additional grade level was added each succeeding year until reaching the eighth grade.The first class graduated from eighth grade in 1960. Capital Day School first occupied two converted houses on Capital Avenue. The students shared in the responsibility of maintenance of the building and grounds.


In 1967, the school moved from South Frankfort to its present location on Deepwood Drive. In 1982, an addition was built on the rear of the main building to house the library and science rooms. In 1989, remodeling of the school added a detached art room, office space, and an enlarged preschool area. During the summer of 1996, a new preschool building consisting of six classrooms was erected on the north side of the school’s property.


Our student body includes children from Franklin and surrounding counties. The school has hundreds of alumni who have been well served by the strong foundation that they received at CDS and of whom we are justifiably proud.

Capital Day School was founded in 1955 to provide students with an enriched, accelerated curriculum. It has adhered to that goal ever since.


Our Philosophy

Capital Day School strives to develop confident students who are capable of becoming productive citizens of the 21st Century. Committed to small classes, student-centered curricula, and creative teachers, we help students become independent learners.