Academic Excellence Since 1955

Capital Day School has a long history serving the students in the Central Kentucky Area providing generations of  students with an enriched, accelerated curriculum inspiring academic excellence and personal growth. Students from diverse backgrounds are challenged to love learning in a positive, nurturing, safe environment.

Timeless Teaching

Students of all ages are challenged and nurtured to become their personal best, and the result is confident leaders who have a strong work ethic. Subjects include foreign languages, arts, health and physical education, science, technology and engineering, civics, mathematical problem solving and literacy skills with a heavy emphasis on vocabulary development including handwriting, spelling,  and grammar.

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Cultivating Community 

The Capital Day Community nurtures and supports learners of all ages from Preschool to 8th Grade.

Keeping class sizes small allows your child to have personal attention, individual goals and the support needed to excel academically and socially. Effective communication is a priority.  Every student is known and every family is valued. 

Learning through Service

Stewardship is integral to who we are at Capital Day School.  Your child will actively engage with the local community in various ways. Our central location allows us to expand the classroom beyond our campus.  Frequent field trips are intentionally designed to allow students to explore the world around them, develop pride in their state,  and actively participate in community service. 

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