Amanda Whites
Preschool Assistant Teacher


Franklin County High School, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Graduate Program

Work experience:

Dance instructor at Dance Theatre of Tennessee 2010-2013, Dance instructor/Artistic Director Frankfort School of Ballet 2013-2018, Academy Director, Youth Instructor, and Pre-Professional Ballet Instructor at Kentucky Dance Academy 2018-present. 


After growing up immersed in the dance world from age four on, and enjoying a professional ballet career, I made the trip back home to Kentucky to pursue a career in dance education. After teaching at several dance schools around Central Kentucky, I was invited to join the preschool faculty here at CDS school in the fall of 2017. In addition to my position here at CDS, in summer 2018 I made the leap to helping establish a new pre-professional dance school here in Frankfort called Kentucky Dance Academy, and I perform with a professional contemporary company, Movement Continuum, based in Lexington. 


Why you enjoy working at CDS

CDS has been a wonderful, welcoming environment since the first day I visited! I adore working with the preschool age group, and love being surrounded by other people passionate about early childhood education. I am so appreciative of the educational opportunities CDS provides for me as an educator in multiple disciplines, and love being able to contribute to the fun and engaging atmosphere at CDS with my background in dance and movement.