The lower school has a tradition of strong academics with educationally sound teaching methods for boys and girls in kindergarten through grade four. A caring, dedicated faculty provides a safe family-type environment which prepares children for a successful educational experience.


The lower school curriculum stresses the importance of mastering the fundamentals of reading, language arts, mathematics, science/health, and social studies. All students also participate in enrichment classes which include art, music, physical education, library, Spanish, and technology. Critical thinking, differentiated instruction, and study skills development receive emphasis throughout each successive grade level. Instruction is designed to challenge each student according to his or her own developmental needs.



The full day kindergarten, regarded as the first year of lower school, is the start of a more structured program which has a planned scope and sequence in all subjects that is carried out through the eighth grade. Reading begins with a strong emphasis on phonics which is enhanced by whole language activities and sight words.


Lower School activities include plays, musicals, character portrayals, seasonal programs, and thematic units. The curriculum is enriched with field trips, student council-sponsored activities, the buddy program with preschool and middle school students, and community service projects. Students also participate in a Young Writers competition and class spelling bees. At different ages, lower school students become eligible to participate in golf, track and field, and cross country, if their parents attend practice with them. Fourth grade students may participate in the elementary grades Governor’s Cup competition.


Reading Program for Students in Kindergarten through Second Grade:
Superkids Reading Program


Lower School Math Program:
Everyday Math