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Middle School

Challenging the Untapped Potential Within

 Capital Day Middle School includes students in grades 5-8.  The small classes and attention to personal growth allow our Middle School students a safe environment to develop into confident young leaders. The Middle School curriculum includes English, History, Geography and Civics, Science and Engineering, Spanish, Health, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry. Each year our students participate in field studies and travel to places such as Space Camp, Marine Biology Sea Camp, Chicago Museums, or Pioneer Settlements. During these trips, close friendships and a sense of community are nourished while students have once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences.


Our rigorous classes are taught by caring teachers who provide hands-on and engaging lessons. Students are held to high standards so each can thrive in high school. In addition to core classes, students have regular opportunities to choose advisory and enrichment classes based on their interests and are given multiple leadership opportunities. Middle School students serve our local community through project based learning and our school community by leading service projects for younger students. Through these experiences, Middle School students see themselves as part of a larger community and learn that one's actions can make a difference in the world. Capital Day Middle School prepares students for success in high school and our alumni are often top in their class.

Meet Our Team

Zach Webb
Middle School Director
Social Studies 
Student Council
BA English and History
University of KY
Civil Rights Fellow
Harvard Law
University of KY Law School
7 years at Capital Day School

Amanda Caudle

BA English
The College of Wooster
MA English
Taught Composition 101-102
U of L and Midway College
6 years at Capital Day School

Capital Day Class of 1997
Gunnar Wasson

BA Liberal Studies
Thomas Moore College
1st year at Capital Day School
Marzi Adi
Science and Engineering
BA and MA in Physics
M. Ed. Education

BCTC Physics Instructor
4 years at Capital Day School
Mother of CDS Students
Nicole and Skylar
Kendra Coyle
Fifth Grade Teacher
BA Educational Studies
Midway College
1st year at Capital Day School
Mother of CDS Students
Spencer and Sydnee

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