CDS 2016 Summer Camp 

Capital Day School’s Summer Camp offers safe, fun-filled, creative summer activities that are age appropriate for preschool and elementary students. Each age group has weekly themes that keep the students engaged with fresh and exciting activities.  The program is open for eight weeks, starting June 1 and ending on July 31.  We will be closed during the week of June 29 – July 3; there will be no Summer Camp at this time.  Camp fees are $155.00 per week, with options for partial week enrollment with prior registration and as space permits. Request Forms here.


The preschool camp program will provide fun, themed activities and a pool and pizza day each week.  The elementary summer program is for students who will be entering grades one through seven in the fall.  This group will be treated to an engaging and educational program each week, taught by different teachers. On Fridays, these students will have pizza for lunch and then walk to the new Juniper Hill Water Park for fun in the sun.


Now Capital Day School is Offering Enrichment Camps (Half Day)

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Summer Camp is open to the public, but spaces are limited.  Please contact the program director at for more information.


Weekly Themes for Students Entering Preschool and Kindergarten 


  • Entire week of May 30- June 3           

 Summer Splash: CANNONBALL! We will splash directly into summer by discussing our favorite things to do in the summer,           tie dying t-shirts and eating our favorite summer snacks!


  • Entire week of June 6 - 10

Jungle Boogie: RAWR! This week we will focus on animals that live in the jungle. We will make binoculars, go on a safari and also make a project for Father’s day.


  • Entire week of June 13 - 17 

Under the Sea: This week we will focus on animals that live in the ocean and the difference between animals that live on land and in water. Pirates will also be bringing a treasure box that we will go on a treasure hunt to find!


  • Entire week of June 20 - 24

A Bugs Life: Creepy, Crawly BUGS! Projects will involve making bumblebees, butterflies, ladybugs and many more. We will go on a walk around our playground and find bugs that live around us everyday.


  • Entire week of June 27- July 1 

Down on the Farm: Yee haw! This week we will focus on farm animals, plants and farmers. We will also have a few visitors come and teach the children about some animals that live on farms and what their jobs are.


Summer Camp will be closed during the week of July 4-8


  •  Entire week of July 11 - 15 

Space: To Infinity and Beyond!! This week will be all about the planets, how to travel to outer space and what astronauts eat while they are on a mission.


  •  Entire week of July 18 - 22

Pets: Woof! Meow! This week we will talk about pets that we have at home and some other pets that others may have. Hopefully a special visitor or two will be able to join our class as well!


  •  Entire week of July 25 - 29 

Experiments: IT’S GONNA BLOW! This week we will be testing out many experiments each day and making lots of our very own slimes, silly putty and play dough!



  •  Entire week of August 1 – 5 

Dr. Seuss: A person’s a person no matter how small! This week will be full of silly days each to live up to Dr. Seuss’ quirky imagination!! We can’t wait to see what all we will get into.


Weekly Themes for Students Entering Grades 1-8
  • Survivor Week of May 30- June 3      

You find yourself stranded on a deserted island filled with perilous obstacles - no shelter, little food, wild animals, and very few supplies.  How will you survive?  Work collaboratively with your tribe members to solve a series of design challenges aimed at becoming a survivor!  Taught by: Julie Renner


  • Around the World Week of June 6-10  

Around the World in Five days- A celebration of different cultures, exploring a different area of the globe using all five senses each day! Taught by Amber Logan


  • Minecraft and Legos Week of June 13-17

Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test! Many schools- even universities - are adopting the Minecraft platform to help with reading, writing, math, and science. But, let's tell our kids it's just a video game, okay? Take breaks from the virtual building world to incorporate real life building with Legos! Kids are encouraged to bring their tablets with Minecraft downloaded. We will be taking breaks for outside play and sports.  Taught by: Christy Rezo


  • The Master Plan Week of June 20-24

We will spend the week playing strategic board games, and outdoor games that build strategy building and problem solving skills. Taught by: Zach Webb

  • CSI Forensic Science Week of June 27 –July 1

We will work together to solve a mysterious crime, looking for clues, problem solving and using critical thinking skills.  The week starts with a crime scene and each day, different Forensic science techniques will bring students closer to solving the puzzle. Taught by: Amber Logan


Summer Camp will be closed during the week of July 4-8


  • Myth Busters Week of July 11-15

During this fun, action-packed week, campers will use the scientific method to test the validity of common rumors, fairy-tales, news stories and movie scenes.  Does your stomach really explode if you eat Pop Rocks and drink soda at the same time?  Does talking to your plants really help them grow?  Ask questions, design experiments, discover results, and share!  Taught by: Julie Renner


  • Fun Fitness Week of July 18-22

We will explore different sports and games that help keep you fit. We will also make healthy snacks that really taste good! Taught by: Amber Logan


  • The Sound Waves of Music Week of July 25-29

We will create a simple wave machine to learn about sound waves, and learn about the physics of musical instruments by making our own out of household objects.  Taught by Zack Preston


  • A Week at Hogwarts Week of August 1-5                                    

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Haven't you wondered what it would be like to be a student at Hogwarts? This week you can experience life in the magical wizarding world! First you'll learn which house you belong to (Gryffindor, perhaps?). Then you'll go to classes, just like Harry Potter himself, such as potions, horticulture, and care for magical creatures! Who knows- there might be time for a Quidditch match! Taught by: Megan Eggemeier.


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