Top 10 Reasons to Choose Capital Day School


1.  Small class size means that Capital Day School has a low student-teacher ratio and personalized educational opportunities. Every student is known.


2.  Our students are our focus. We teach to support young people, not test scores.


3.  Capital Day School is a close-knit community, but it is more diverse than many church-based schools.


4.  As an independent school, we have the ability to design an exceptional curriculum that is flexible, prescriptive, and effective. It includes subject areas which have been deemphasized in other schools, such as handwriting, spelling, and phonics.


5.  Without the constraints imposed on public schools, our students are empowered to achieve academically. They consistently outperform their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests such as the ACT or SAT.


6.  CDS allows students with gifts to discover themselves. Talents are nurtured while areas of weakness are strengthened.


7.  While Capital Day School may not have the most modern facilities, we recognize the 21st Century skills and values integral to learning in today’s world. We provide the tools, such as 1:1 iPads in middle school, to achieve success.


8.  We offer students a variety of enrichment opportunities to complement strong academics. The lower school curriculum is enhanced with interdisciplinary units and classes in art, music, technology, Spanish, and physical education, and middle school students choose from a variety of nine-week elective courses. Our students learn to use both sides of their brains.


9.  There is excellent communication between teachers and parents; positive feedback about students is always shared.


10.  There is a high rate of success among Capital Day School graduates.To read testimonials and learn about the accomplishments of some of our alumni, visit the Alumni Showcase page by clicking http://www.capitaldayschool.net/alumni/alumni-showcase/ .


We have financial aid.  If you qualify for financial aid, the best education in Franklin and surrounding counties may cost less than that offered by our competitors.  Information about the financial aid application may be found at http://www.capitaldayschool.net/admissions/financial-aid/ .


Read one parent’s testimonial.  “I was not certain what to expect when we enrolled our son this year in Preschool at CDS.   Now I am hooked!”


Your child gets only one opportunity to live through the formative years of preschool through eighth grade. Your child’s future is worth it. Apply today!