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We have a place
      for YOU...

Capital Day School is proud to offer an educational experience tailored for your child. There are multiple developmentally appropriate programs and placements available for different ages and stages from early  education through 8th grade. Financial Assistance is available.

Where Children Become Independent Learners

Ages 3-5

Parents can choose Traditional  Preschool or  Montessori for their child's early education.


Our youngest students thrive in a half day OR full day classroom taught by experienced college-educated adults. Extended Day allows parent pick-up until 5 pm.


CDS Preschool students are well-prepared for the transition to Kindergarten. 


Lower School

In our Lower School program, personalized attention meets tailored learning. With small class sizes, we nurture independent thinkers, prioritizing social and emotional growth alongside academic excellence. 

Our holistic approach integrates physical activity, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares students for a bright future. 

Traditional and Montessori learning paths are available.

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Middle School

 Middle School students  receive

 advanced instruction in small classes  with personal support and meaningful social experiences.


Classes are taught by content specialists who have outside experience in their fields. 

Designed to nurture students successfully through adolescence, electives and enrichment activities provide a variety of enjoyable learning opportunities and give students a choice.

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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Extra Curricular Activities

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities experience higher levels of academic success. This makes Capital Day School very proud to offer a variety of choices for students.  Ask us about our Academic Team! We have a long history of success in the elementary and middle school Governor's Cup regularly winning both District and Regional Titles.  There are also many athletic teams for your child to experience. These include cross-country, twirling,  basketball, archery, track, golf, tennis, and coming soon- eSports.  

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